Complex services and counseling

Trust us with the tasks of your company’s duties associated with environmental protection and waste/scrap management. We can handle production process support (scrap and waste removal from the production area), provide workforce and equipment, continuously or occasionally remove recyclable and non-recyclable/hazardous waste or counseling (ADR counseling, environmental protection regulations and declarations, external pre-audit preparation, support in building and upkeep of KIR, MIR system). We help you in structuring your waste management system (company specific survey, determining the necessary resources, capacity assessment) and assist you in running it, so You can concentrate on production.

When it comes to complex services, we aim at minimizing the valuable space needed at the production companies (A factor that is often overlooked). In contrast to our competition, our yard network makes it possible for us to immediately transport the materials to our yards, instead of creating a waste yard on the territory of a production company. Thus, we free valuable space, we do not need to engage the production company's workforce, decreasing the probability of accidents at work (related to in-house waste management), while the collected waste/scrap is processed by using industrial-scale methods. A good example for this is paper baling, where compared to the small balers taken to the work sites, our industrial baler machines are five -ten times more efficient.