About us - Company history

The predecessor of MÉH Zrt. was established in 1950, it was a branch of the Feather trading company and initially it collected leather, feather and paper. In 1951, after a successful 'metal collection campaign', the company started collecting metal as well. With the development of the heavy industry, our main activity became metal collection. Over time MÉH became ‘the company in the sector’ covering the whole country with its network, organized into several member companies (usually covering 3-4 counties). MÉH Trust coordinated these member companies with 6000 employees and 200 yards at its peak.

After the revolution, MÉH Trust suffered the consequences of the market transformation, the relapse of the domestic industry and the uncertainty surrounding its faith (state ownership, setting up for privatization). The 6 member companies of the Trust were privatized in 1993, the ones in Northern Hungary, northern Transdanubia and Southern Hungary were acquired by domestic investors. While the units with centers in Pécs, Budapest and Debrecen were bought by foreign investors and were run under a new name. The MÉH in Southern Hungary was liquidated by the end of the millennium, the name was carried on by the two “MÉHs” in Northern Hungary and northern Transdanubia. These two companies, after a number of changes in their ownership ended up as a holding of domestic investors (already involved in the sector); Horváth R+K Kft. acquired them in 2003. The two companies merged their activities in 2016 under the name MÉH Hulladékgazdálodási és Környezetipari Zrt. (MÉH Waste Management and Environment Industries Zrt.).

As a result, MÉH Zrt. today has a yard network covering 8 counties with 20 yards (out of which 10 are operated by tenants), a revenue of 11 billion Ft and 200 employees with the purpose of maintaining and improving the fame of the old MÉH company name.

It is important to mention that in the domestic market there are several smaller companies, who use the MÉH denomination in some form. A part of them works together with MÉH Zrt. as a franchisee, however, some companies use the MÉH denomination without any ties to the MÉH Zrt. as the name has become a common noun by now. Therefore, if you get in touch with any of our yards, make sure that it is a yard operated by our company.